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Our Process

How We Work

Are you looking for more than just investment advice?  I believe you should be looking for a comprehensive and integrated financial and tax planning process we call “A Business Plan for Life.”

We treat your entire estate (i.e. everything you own or care about) as a business and manage it with the same hands on scrutiny it takes to run a successful business.  We consider each of these five areas in all decisions made:

Client Centered
  1. We INTEGRATE and COORDINATE the five quintiles in every decision to help ensure any decision made in one area does not negatively impact any other areas.  This level of attention leads to the comfort of knowing a decision made is the right decision.
  2. True wealth management is CASH FLOW- and TAX-oriented.  We focus on these areas to provide a realistic assessment of the viability of your plan and how it addresses each specific situation -- both now and in future years.
  3. We provide multiple WHAT IF SCENARIOS for your current situation, identifying future trends and allowing adjustments to any changes under your control and those beyond, thus enabling you to adjust for all of life’s “consistent inconsistencies.” 
  4. We endeavor to assist you in quantifying new freedoms you can take and allow you to enjoy guiltlessly what you have sacrificed, disciplined, and worked so hard for.  We call it “spending without guilt, but with a plan.”

Our Services


  1. Net Worth Calculation – know what you own and what you owe and determine proper titling.
  2. Cash Flow Analysis – determine inflows and outflows defining your current lifestyle and what it could be.


  1. Asset Placement and Purpose – define the role each asset in your estate needs to play to support your desired lifestyle.
  2. Tactical Methodology – adapt to the current market environment with the goal of making money during good and bad times while protecting capital. This philosophy is not about market timing or picking market tops or bottoms, but rather about getting on the right side of the major market moves.


  1. Tax Reduction Strategies – smart tax planning involves utilizing legal methods to lower your tax burden each and every year.
  2. Tax Return Review – analyze your federal and state income tax returns to ensure accuracy and work directly with your tax preparer for maximum efficiency.


  1. Severe Illness – design creative strategies beyond long-term care insurance to protect estate assets from an unnecessary and expensive spenddown.
  2. Unexpected Events – other events such as death, accidents, or disability can seriously impact your financial health.


  1. Proper Legal Documents – determine the proper estate documents required to meet your legacy wishes and protect your assets during lifetime and for heirs.
  2. Charitable Planning – identify charitable wishes and structure the bequest to reduce taxes but not your beneficiary’s inheritance.


  1. Buy/Sell Agreement – establish an agreement protecting all shareholders and their families without compromising the fiscal stability of the business.
  2. Exit Planning – determine whether the business transaction should be structured as an asset sale or stock sale to maximize sale proceeds and minimize any tax liability.

For more information about the firm and the services we offer, send us a quick email or call the office. We would welcome the opportunity to speak with you.  |  440-481-1853